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Additional Information
Capital Caracas
Timezone America/Caracas
Total States 23
Airport City Simón Bolívar International Airport,Maiquetia, La Chinita International Airport, Maracaibo, Arturo Michelena International Airport,Valencia, Jacinto Lara International Airport, Barquisimeto, Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport,Ciudad Guayana
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Spanish, Castillan, Wayúu , Añú , Kurripako
National Animal Venezuelan Troupial
Food Arepa, Pabellón criollo, Tequeño
Seasons Autumn  : Sep - Dec
Summer : Jun - Sep
Winter     : Dec - Mar
Sprint      : Mar - May


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1 ) Festival de Virgen de Coromoto

Festival Month - January

An unmissable celebration is the Festival de Virgen de Coromoto, a jubilee in honor of the patroness of Venezuela, the Virgin of Coromoto.

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2 ) Fiesta de San Juan

Festival Month - June

Primarily a Christian festival in honor of St.John the Baptist’s birth, Fiesta de San Juan is three exciting days of African drums resounding among the coastal towns of Venezuela.

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3 ) Feria de la Chinita

Festival Month - November

The bustling Venezuelan city of Maracaibo goes all out with the Feria de la Chinita, its celebration of the feast day of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá.

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