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Additional Information
Capital Montevideo
Currency UYU
Timezone America/Montevideo
Total States 19 departments.
Airport City Airport name IATA code ICAO code City served Department Coordinates Ángel S. Adami International Airport, Artigas International Airport, Estancia Presidencial Anchorena Airport, Cap. Juan Manuel Boiso Lanza Air Base, Placeres Airport
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Spanish, Portunol, Brazilero,
National Animal Lapwing
Food Revuelto Gramajo, Chivito, Dulce de leche
Seasons Autumn  : Mar - Jun
Summer : Dec - Mar
Winter     : Jun - Sep
Sprint      : Sep - Dec


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1 ) Iemanjá

Festival Month - February

Every February 2, the Uruguayan followers of the Afro-Brazilian religion known as Candomblé gather at different beaches all over the country to celebrate Iemanjá, the goddess of the sea. Iemanjá is one of the main orishas, or divine deities, in this religion, and her special day brings thousands of followers and curious spectators together in dance, music, and other festivities.

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2 ) Nostalgic Night

Festival Month - August

Many people laugh at this bizarre tradition that came about in 1978. There is a national holiday on August 25 because of Independence Day, and the night before is typically known as Nostalgic Night. For this night, nightclubs, bars and other locations organize a special party that is focused solely on old school hits.

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3 ) Milk Festival

Festival Month - October

Every October, Uruguayans celebrate the National Milk Festival in Cardal, in the South of Florida Department.

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