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Additional Information
Capital Mogadishu
Currency SOS
Timezone Africa/Mogadishu
Total States 6
Airport City Aden Adde International Airportirport, Abdullahi Yusuf Airport, Bender Qassim International Airport, Garowe International Airport, Hargeisa Egal International Airport
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Somali, Modern standard arabic,
National Animal Panthera pardus
Food Sambusa, Bariis Ishkukaris, Malawah
Seasons Autumn  : Apr - Jun
Summer : Dec - Mar
Winter     : Oct - Dec
Sprint      : Dec - Jan


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1 ) Neeroosh

Festival Month - July

Held annually in July, Neeroosh, or Dab-shid as it is alternatively known, celebrates the beginning of the solar year in Somalia and Somaliland. While Somalis are Muslim and abide by the lunar calendar, they also use the solar calendar to make decisions about religious days, harvest times, and so forth. The festival is known as the Festival of Fire internationally as locals build huge bonfires, splash water on each other, and dance to welcome the arrival of summer. This is one of the more jovial festivals on the calendar and should not be missed.

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2 ) Day of Ashura

Festival Month - November

Rounding off the religious calendar in November is the Day of Ashura, a day of mourning for the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad who died at the Battle of Karbala. The day is commemorated by both Shi’a and Sunni Muslims, and is a public holiday in Somalia, during which time Muslim communities come out into the streets in their thousands to show their mourning. It is an interesting religious festival to witness or partake in.

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3 ) Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Festival Month - August

Every year in August, the Islamic population of Somaliland, Puntland, and greater Somalia celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This religious holiday marks of the end of Ramadan – the holy month during which those of the Islamic faith fast. This day really is a celebration of everyone’s efforts and sacrifices. The day is marked with ceremonies in mosques around the region, the gathering of friends and families to enjoy great feasts, and perhaps the most special activity for some – the purchasing of new outfits to wear on the day.

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