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Additional Information
Capital Bratislava
Currency SKK
Timezone Europe/Bratislava
Total States 8
Airport City M. R. Štefánik Airport , Košice International Airport, Aerodrome JASNA, Bol'kovce Airport, Piešťany Airport
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Slovak,
National Animal Nil
Food Bryndzové halušky, Zemiakové placky, Lokše
Seasons Autumn  : Sep - Dec
Summer : Jun - Sep
Winter     : Dec - Mar
Sprint      : Mar - Jun


1 ) Bratislava
Popular - Hills     Location - Bratislava, -Bratislava, -Slovakia

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is set along the Danube River by the border with Austria and Hungary. It’s surrounded by vineyards and the Little Carpathian mountains, crisscrossed with forested hiking and cycling trails. The pedestrian-only, 18th-century old town is known for its lively bars and cafes. Perched atop a hill, the reconstructed Bratislava Castle overlooks old town and the Danube.

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2 ) Banska Stiavnica
Popular - Hills     Location - Banska Stiavnica, -Banská Bystrica, -Slovakia

Banská Štiavnica is a town in central Slovakia, in the middle of an immense caldera created by the collapse of an ancient volcano. For its size, the caldera is known as the Štiavnica Mountains. Banská Štiavnica has a population of more than 10,000. It is a completely preserved medieval town.

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3 ) Levoca
Popular - Historic Building     Location - Levoca, -Prešov, -Slovakia

Levoča is a town in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia with a population of 14,700. The town has a historic center with a well preserved town wall, a Gothic church with the highest wooden altar in the world, carved by Master Pavol of Levoča, and many other Renaissance buildings.

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4 ) Kosice
Popular - Historical     Location - Kosice, -Košice, -Slovakia

Košice is a city in eastern Slovakia, close to the Hungarian border. Its origins go back to the medieval period, and the central Lower Gate archaeological complex preserves fortifications from the 13th century. Hlavné námestie, the main square, is home to 2 Gothic churches: the huge St. Elisabeth Cathedral and the 14th-century St. Michael Chapel. Nearby, St. Urban’s Tower contains a museum of wax figurines.

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5 ) Poprad
Popular - Arts and Cultural     Location - Poprad, -Prešov, -Slovakia

Poprad is a city at the foot of Slovakia’s High Tatras Mountains. It's known as a gateway to Tatras National Park. The central Námestie sv. Egídia is a square with baroque buildings and the 13th-century St. Egidius Church. Northeast is the well-preserved Spišská Sobota area, with centuries-old houses and churches. The Tatra Gallery displays visual art by Slovak and international artists in an old power plant.

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1 ) Devin Castle (Devinsky Hrad)
Activity Duration - The castle is open April - October (10.00 - 16.30), Mondays are closed. During summer season (May - Sep), castle closes at 17.30.     Activity Category - Castle

Devin castle spreads on the hill above the crossroad of two important rivers of this region: Danube and Morava, which form a natural Slovak border with Austria and Czech Republic. Nowadays, the castle remains as a museum and the surrounding is shaped with landscape of walls, staircases, open courtyards and gardens.

In 863 AD the history of Christianity started being written right in this place, thanks to two saints - Cyril and Methodius, who arrived here to begin arranging their missionary road.Due to its strategic location (a point comprising 3 countries) Devín Castle was as well an important point of the Amber route, because many traders and travellers passed by there.Famous Napoleon was also aware of its great location and he himself ordered destruction of the castle as a part of his military neutralisation.

In 1989 the Iron Curtain separating the Eastern Block from the West has spread right in front of the castle. The surroundings of the castle were filled with watchtowers and barbed wire.After the Velvet Revolution, the area was demilitarised but visitors can still find several monuments and remainings here to commemorate those chilling times.

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2 ) Bratislava Castle (Bratislavsky Hrad)
Activity Category - Castle

This squat, square castle, high above the Old Town, is worth the climb to the top, if only for the fabulous view of the space-age bridge, the Most SNP (New Bridge), in the distance. The castle dates from the early 16th century. It burned to the ground at the start of the 19th century and stood as a ruin for almost 150 years before the Communist government started restoration work (still ongoing) in the 1950s. At press time the castle was closed for visitors for ongoing reconstruction and was not expected to open during 2009.

The museum collections proving the development of society in Slovakia from the Middle Ages up to the present. It also builds up, administers and processes a numismatic collection from the earliest times up to the present and collections documenting the history and ethnological development of Slovak people abroad.

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3 ) UFO Observation Deck
Activity Duration - Daily 10am-11pm     Activity Category - Bridges

This very special attraction offers a panoramic view up to the distance of 100 km. One could be surprised about the fact that this impressive building is not so new despite its design – it was officially opened as the second bridge over the Danube in Bratislava already in 1972. Since then it served as an inspiration for a few other bridges in the world which imitated its look.

Come to have a look at the 7th largest hanging bridge in the world. Get a panoramic view on the whole Bratislava from the open-air observation deck on top of its UFO-shaped cupola. Refresh yourself in a fine dining restaurant or a bar which are up there, too.To get to the UFO bridge, also called the New Bridge (Nový most) or the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising (Most SNP), it just takes a few minutes walk from the Old Town. The closest well known spot is the Hviezdoslav’s Square with the Slovak National Theater or St. Martin’s Cathedral.

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4 ) Slovak National Theatre
Activity Duration - Box office: Mon-Fri 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat. 9 a.m.-noon & one hour before performances; Sun. one hour before performances     Activity Category - Attraction

This beautiful historical building was built in a Neo-Renaissance design by two Viennese architects. It is the second oldest professional theater of Slovakia, founded in 1920. The theater is set in one of the most elegant and charming places in Bratislava, Hviezdoslav’s Square. The square has become a favorite spot for walking, reading a book, meeting friends or just sitting and looking around.

The historical building of the Slovak National Theater is at the Hviezdoslav‘s Square. It is only a few steps away from the Old Town as well as the Danube River. There is a second (new) building of the national theater, too, built in 2007. This one is near Eurovea shopping center and promenade, 10 minutes walk from this square.

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5 ) Bratislava Old Town (Stare Mesto)
Activity Category - Attraction

he Old Town is the smallest part of all the Bratislava parts, however with the highest population density of apporx. 4 000 inhabitants kilometer.

It is the hearth of Bratislava, a cultural, political, social and tourist center. Visitors will not feel alone on these city streets for sure. They are full of people and to hear a foreign language is not an unusual thing. Bratislava is often called a "large village" by the locals, because visitors cannot walk down the street without meeting a person they know. However, do not except the masses like in other metropolitan cities, which never sleep.

Many shops can be found here, mainly on the main street called Obchodná. This could be translated as a Shopping street and the name totally describes its character. Of course, visitors can find also many bars, pubs, fast-food and restaurant, here. Another famous shopping mall with a beautiful river promenade is Eurovea shopping center.

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6 ) Bratislava Old Town Hall (Stara Radnica)
Activity Duration - Opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday to Sunday 11am to 6pm.     Activity Category - City Hall

The oldest city hall in the country and one of the oldest stone buildings still standing in Bratislava. Housing the oldest museum of the city and owning a tower that offers a charming view on the city center to its visitors. A definitely must-see place you should not miss when in Bratislava.

The Old Town Hall is located in the heart of the city center, between the Main Square (Hlavne namestie) and Primate’s Square (Primacialne namestie) where the Primate’s Palace stands.The Old Town Hall is a complex of various buildings originating from different architectural periods. It housed the city's government headed by the mayor. The Town Hall's core was established in the first half of the 15th century from the house of Mayor Jacob. Since 1868 it has been the seat of the City Museum, housing an exhibition of town history and feudal justice. 

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7 ) St. Martin's Cathedral (Dom svateho Martina)
Activity Duration - Monday-Saturday 9am-11:30am & 1pm-4pm; Sunday 1:30pm-4pm     Activity Category - Temple / Mosque / Church

The former coronation church of Hungarian kings and the largest Gothic minstry in Slovakia at St. Martin's Cathedral (Dom svateho Martina), whose tall spire dominates the Old Town. Once a part of the city's fortification walls, the 85 m (279 ft) high tower is topped by the Hungarian crown set on a gilded cushion. The inside of the church features Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque decor, as well as 19th-century Viennese stained-glass windows. A prominent feature of the interior is an equestrian statue of St. Martin dressed like a hussar. The cathedral houses the relics of an early 7th-century saint, John the Merciful.


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1 ) Sled Dog World Championships Sprint

Festival Month - February

Each February, the Slovak Republic mountain village of Donovaly hosts one of Europe’s most competitive dogsled races. While some of the world’s best dog-sledders mush across the Starohorské Vrchy, the Low Tatras, and the Veľká Fatra mountains, attendees can enjoy attractions, refreshments, and live country music nearly 3,150 feet above sea level.

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2 ) Junifest

Festival Month - June

The constant flow of suds may be the biggest attraction for many people at this 10-day long Bratislava beer festival, but drinking is not the only enjoyable attraction offered here. More than 300 musical performances are on this June festival’s bill each year alongside games, food, and raffle ticket draws for wonderful prizes.

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3 ) Apple Festival

Festival Month - October

The humble apple is the major star of this October festival held within a medieval castle yard in the orchard community of Modra, just a 30-minute drive away from Bratislava. Several different kinds of freshly picked apples, apple seeds, and apple products are ready to be sampled and purchased each fall. The festival also contains children’s games and apple preparation competitions between teams of between two and four people.

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