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Additional Information
Capital Maputo
Timezone Africa/Maputo
Total States 11 provinces
Airport City Maputo International Airport, Nacala International Airport, Aeroporto de Pemba, Nampula International Airport, Quelimane Airport
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Portuguese, English,
National Animal The African elephant
Food Galinha Asada, Rissóis de Camarão, Matapa
Seasons Autumn  : Sep - Nov
Summer : Jun - Aug
Winter     : Dec - Feb
Sprint      : Mar - May


1 ) Inhambane
Popular - Beach     Location - Inhambane, -Inhambane, -Mozambique

is a city located in southern Mozambique, lying on Inhambane Bay, 470 km northeast of Maputo. It is the capital of the Inhambane Province and according to the 2017 census has a population of 79,724, growing from the 1997 census of 54,157. It is a beautiful charming town known for its serene atmosphere surrounded by beautiful seaside and the combination between modern local and rusting historic architecture, making it been popular among tourists.
The settlement owes its existence to a deep inlet into which the small Mutamba River flows. Two protective sandy headlands protect the harbor and form a sandbank. The sister town of Maxixe is located across the bay of Inhambane

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2 ) Maputo
Popular - Culture     Location - Maputo, -Maputo, -Mozambique

Maputo officially named Lourenço Marques until 1976, is the capital and most populous city of Mozambique. Located near the southern end of the country, it is positioned within 120 km (75 miles) of the Eswatini and South Africa borders. The city has a population of 1,101,170 distributed over a land area of 347 km2 (134 sq mi). The Maputo metropolitan area includes the neighbouring city of Matola, and has a total population of 2,717,437. Maputo is a port city, with an economy centered on commerce. It is also noted for its vibrant cultural scene and distinctive, eclectic architecture.

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1 ) AZGO Festival

Festival Month - May

This annual open-air music festival is held in Maputo over three days in May, bringing together local and international bands performing for a number of attendees. Workshops, musical documentaries and craft and fashion shows take place against a background of street food and drink stalls.

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2 ) STRAB Festival

Festival Month - May

The popular Subterranean Rhythm and Blues festival kicks off in Ponta Malongane along the border with South Africa every May, having grown from humble beginnings as a birthday bash eight years ago to a huge event featuring 20 live bands. Rock and roll, blues and fusions of the two are a highlight of the three-day event. Love, harmony, respect and a great beach party the day before kicks off the celebration.

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3 ) Chopi Music Festival

Festival Month - August

Held in Inhambane Province’s town of Quissico, this unique festival kicks off the end of July and continues into August with concerts of traditional, local Chopi music recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural property. Groups of players of the mbila (a form of xylophone) drums, rattles, pan pipes, and animal-horn trumpets give concerts to preserve the unique musical form.

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