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Additional Information
Capital Kingston
Currency JMD
Timezone America/Jamaica
Total States 14 parishes
Airport City Norman Manley International Airport, , Sangster International Airport, Montego Bay, Ian Fleming International Airport,
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages English, Arawakan, Jamaican Patois,
National Animal Red-billed streamertail
Food Cassava cakes, Ackee and saltfish, Coco bread
Seasons Autumn  : Sep - Dec
Summer : Jun - Sep
Winter     : Dec - Mar
Sprint      : Mar - Jun


1 ) Montego Bay
Popular - Beach     Location - Montego Bay, - James, -Jamaica

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2 ) Negril
Popular - Beach     Location - Negril, -Hanover, -Jamaica

Negril is about an hour and fifteen minute drive on the coastal highway from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, located on the south side of the island. Downtown Negril, the West End cliff resorts to the south of downtown, and the southern portion of the so-called "seven mile (11 km) beach" are in Westmoreland. The northernmost resorts on the beach are in Hanover Parish. The nearest large town is Savanna-la-Mar, the capital of Westmoreland Parish.

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1 ) Dunn's River Falls
Activity Category - Water Falls

 Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s most beloved natural attractions. This place is known for its lush setting, but also its roles in the Tom Cruise movie “Cocktail” and the James Bond movie “Dr. No”. Often referred to as a living phenomenon (you’ll find out why), Dunn’s River Falls is one of the only waterfalls on Earth that empties straight into the ocean. Enjoy 2 hours of free time to experience the falls however you wish. The best way is to put on non-slip water shoes to climb up the 600-foot terraced falls, carefully walking up the “steps” formed by the naturally chiseled rocks. Stop along the way to swim in the small pools that form on each level, and enjoy the view you’re rewarded with at the top.

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2 ) Martha Brae River
Activity Category - River

The town on the Martha Brae River was originally a Spanish settlement they called Rio Matibereon. Since the Falmouth Water Company introduced piped water to Falmouth in 1798, the Martha Brae has supplied the township and much of the agricultural area of Trelawny parish with water.

This 2-hour river rafting activity is a very safe and pleasant experience. There are no dangerous animals in the water, and the steady current moves you steadily and comfortably along.

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3 ) Rose Hall Great House
Activity Category - Building Complex

At night, Rose Hall is not for the faint of heart! Experience the Rose Hall Plantation’s dramatic past as you venture into the world of the White Witch as she roams this Eighteenth Century sugar plantation seeking the love and fortune that first lured her here. But be warned Legend upholds that no one who crossed her survived to tell the tale!! This promises to be the encounter of a lifetime.


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4 ) YS Falls Tours
Activity Category - Water Falls

YS Falls is a nature-based attraction offering the opportunity to experience the beauty of the untouched, unspoiled magnificence of the waterfalls on the South Coast of Jamaica.  With seven waterfalls, several of which cascade into natural pools, and lush gardens, it's perfect for lovers and families, this is an opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind wonder. You can also enjoy the exhilarating canopy rides available at YS Falls, which glide from the top of the falls to its base, throughout the forests.

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5 ) Club Mobay Departure Lounge
Activity Duration - 6am–10pm     Activity Category - Attraction

Travel to and from the Montego Bay airport like a VIP with admission to the Club Mobay arrival and departure lounges. With your Club Mobay access, you’ll have fast-track service through security, customs and immigration, and you can enjoy snacks and beverages in the relaxing atmosphere of the comfortable private lounges, which include high-speed Wi-Fi. Move easily through the airport with personalized assistance through immigration, customs and security, allowing you to begin and/or end your Jamaica vacation with ease!

Arrival Lounge:When you get off your plane at Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport, head to the Club Mobay meeting point, where your club representative will be waiting to greet you. Fill out your immigration forms (your representative can help if needed), and breeze through customs and immigration with your fast-track access. Your host will help you retrieve your luggage at baggage claim and escort you to the Club Mobay arrival lounge. Spend as much time as you’d like in the arrival lounge, where you can use the high-speed Wi-Fi, catch up with the news on the flat-screen cable TVs, enjoy snacks and beverages, read the provided magazines and newspapers, freshen up in the private restroom and cool off with a chilled towel, all while the lounge’s relaxing reggae music puts you in the island spirit. When you’re ready, you’ll be escorted to whatever type of airport transportation you are taking to your hotel. Departure Lounge:After checking in for your flight at Sangster International Airport, make your way to the Club Mobay information booth, next to the entrance for security and immigration. Check in for your lounge access here, and then sail through security and immigration, skipping the regular line with your fast-track service. Head up to the mezzanine level to enter the Club Mobay departure lounge, next to Gate 9. Spend as much time as you’d like in the lounge to unwind before your departing flight. Snack on the provided fresh fruit, sandwiches, tapas and other light fare, and sip on a refreshing cold drink, cup of coffee or even an alcoholic beverage (your vacation isn’t officially over yet!). Sit back with a magazine or newspaper, use the high-speed Wi-Fi, freshen up with a shower, play electronic games on the provided Samsung Galaxy tablets, or even enjoy a manicure or other mini treatment at the Mango Spa (spa treatments at your own expense). Your kids can play in Pickney Place, a sound-proof playroom, or if you are sans kids, hang out in the adults-only lounge. If you must catch up on work before returning to the real world, take advantage of the fully equipped business center. Capture some final souvenir shots at the fun Tropical Shotz photo booth (additional cost). When it’s time for your flight, you’ll board your plane refreshed and relaxed.



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6 ) Montego Bay Cruise Port
Activity Category - Port

Jamaica is a large island, exceptionally beautiful and generally well organised for excursions, so there is plenty to explore from the two ports of call in the west of Jamaica – the tourism hub of Montego Bay and the smaller port of Falmouth a few miles to its east. The island has a long and tangled history, so there are historic great houses, plantations and rum distilleries, but there are also adventure parks offering ziplines, quad biking, horse riding and swimming with dolphins. Of course Jamaica has all the beaches and water sports you might want, but also excellent inland water, including waterfalls, tubing and serene river rafting on bamboo rafts.

In Montego Bay ships dock in the Freeport area, which has five berths. This is three kilometres from downtown and the main strip Gloucester Avenue with its beach and shops. Recently built, Falmouth has two berths for extremely large ships, right next to the small town.

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7 ) Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon
Activity Category - Water Fountain

Glistening Waters is Jamaica’s only natural night-time attraction. A boat ride on a truly magical bay. An experience not to be missed!

Starting daily at sunset, we begin nightly boat tours of the famous Luminous Lagoon. You will see things that will make you appreciate the beauty Mother Nature has created for us to witness and experience! Truly, a sight to be seen! If you’re staying in Jamaica, be sure to book a tour with Glistening Waters and reward yourself with a truly memorable experience you will remember forever.

Plan your tour with us at dusk, enjoy a delicious meal and cocktail at our restaurant first, and then take a boat tour out onto the lagoon. As the boat cruises around, the water is disturbed and the organisms begin to glow. You will see an eerie light show illuminating from the back of the boat and all around from the wake. This tour of the Luminous Lagoon takes approximately 35-40 minutes.

This lagoon, surrounded by mangroves, is home to microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated. The water glows a beautiful blue and becomes illuminated when these organisms are disturbed. As the fish in the lagoon swim and dart around, you can see their outlines as streaks of light, shooting around in the darkness of night. When it rains, the lagoon ‘lights up’ with the drops of water dancing on the surface. Truly an amazing experience! Plan ahead and bring a towel and swimsuit so you can take a swim during the night-time tour on the Luminous Lagoon to illuminate yourself and the waters around you. Bucket list item, for sure…

The lagoon and bay is about 3-8 feet, or more, in depth. It’s relatively shallow for the area it covers. Those who wish can enjoy a swim in the lagoon during the boat tour. You will experience the glow all around you as you splash and swim around. An experience like no other, so be sure to bring a swim suit and enjoy! The more you splash, the more you glow! Your captain will explain the science behind this effect as well as the benefits of this mineral water to you while on the Luminous Lagoon boat tour. You can read some of the scientific information that explains what this phenomenon is all about and understand this naturally occurring event

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8 ) Rhodes Hall Plantation
Activity Category - Attraction

Rhodes Hall Plantation is an unparalleled location for horseback riding. Our enormous 550 acre range covers every type of terrain imaginable, creating an unforgettable experience for beginners and advanced riders alike. You will enjoy the individual attention that smaller group sizes allow, as this creates a more personalized and pleasurable experience.

Over 70 Horses graze freely in the hills when not in use for horseback riding. Our morass (Jamaican swamp) is one of the largest crocodile reserves in Western Jamaica with over 70 residents. We have an adjoining lake simply named "Crocodile Lake". Other animals living on the property include geese, guinea hens, chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, mongoose, crabs, cats, doves, parrots, humming birds, doctor birds, myna birds, seagulls, pelicans, sandpipers, herons, and even peacocks.

The terrain covers all that Jamaica has to offer; from beaches to coral coastline, to mountain tops as high as 600 feet above sea level affording excellent views all the way to Negril. The lush tropical jungle features impressive stands of ancient bamboo, numerous types of trees and other rainforest vegetation, creating a bird watchers

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9 ) Black River
Activity Category - River

Black River, river that rises in central Wisconsin, U.S., and flows south and southwest for some 160 miles (260 km) to enter the Mississippi River near La Crosse. The river’s final stretch of 1.5 miles (2.5 km) has a depth maintained at 9 feet (3 metres) for seasonal barge traffic.

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10 ) Seven Mile Beach
Activity Category - Beach

a historical site conveniently located close to the Cruise Terminals and Seven Mile’s major resorts. Here you will be greeted and undergo a tour briefing that will go over how to operate the WaveRunners, and instructions on what to do and not do while out on the water, and be provided with a WaveRunner and lifejacket. 

You will then embark on your tour with your group and ride along, exploring the beautiful views of Seven Mile Beach. You will stop at a popular reef for a snorkel stop to discover the beautiful underwater world that the Cayman Islands are famous for. Here you will see a wide variety of marine life including thousands of fish, turtles, and eels. After your snorkeling stop, you will make your way back to the Cayman Catboat Club where your tour will end. 

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11 ) Rick's Café
Activity Duration - 12–3pm 6:30pm–1am     Activity Category - Restaurants

The establishment proved resilient despite being battered by many hurricanes. In 1988 Hurricane Gilbert hit the island and totally destroyed Rick’s Café by waves that went as high 25 feet on the cliff and over the trees.  Rick’s Cafe was soon rebuilt but took another hit from Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and destroyed it again by waves that went as high as 60 to 80 feet.  Once Hurricane Ivan passed, Rick’s Café came back bigger and even better.

The Café has a restaurant and bar, which are frequented by visitors and locals daily.. The bar is known for offering liquid courage to help those who dare to  make the cliff jump! If you aren’t as adventurous,get there an hour before sunset to watch the expert local cliff jumpers for oftentimes just as much of an adrenaline rush.

By the time you’ve had your fill of excitement, it would be just about time to take your spot at the cliffs’ edge to watch the sunset.  If the crimson, orange and purple hues of the magnificent sunset are no indication of it starting, the live band shelling out reggae music that will begin playing in the background will definitely alert you.

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1 ) Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

Festival Month - June

The biggest jazz event of the year takes place in Ocho Rios over eight days in mid-June. Venues all over the resort town come alive with the sounds of the Jimmy Smith Trio, and the streets are bathed with dancing, food and barbecues galore.

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2 ) Emancipation Day

Festival Month - August

Emancipation Day on August 1 is a good time to see parties and locals enjoying themselves. It marks the day when Queen Victoria proclaimed British Empire slaves free in 1838. Expect lots of flag-waving, dressing up, and dancing throughout Jamaica.

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3 ) Independence Day

Festival Month - August

amaica celebrates its independence from Britain, which came on August 6, 1962. The colors of the Jamaican flag—green, black, and gold—are always noticeable here, but none more so than on this day.

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