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Additional Information
Capital Tallinn
Currency EEK
Timezone Europe/Tallinn
Total States 15 counties
Airport City Tallinn Airport, Ulenurme Airport,
Ruling Type Government
Offical Languages Estonian, Russian, English,
National Animal Grey wolf
Food Finnish cuisine, Lithuanian cuisine, Latvian cuisine
Seasons Autumn  : Sep - Nov
Summer : Jun - Aug
Winter     : Dec - Feb
Sprint      : Mar - May


1 ) Tallinn
Popular - Arts and Cultural     Location - Tallinn, -Harjumaa, -Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia’s capital on the Baltic Sea, is the country’s cultural hub. It retains its walled, cobblestoned Old Town, home to cafes and shops, as well as Kiek in de Kök, a 15th-century defensive tower. Its Gothic Town Hall, built in the 13th century and with a 64m-high tower, sits in historic Tallinn’s main square. St. Nicholas Church is a 13th-century landmark exhibiting ecclesiastical art.

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1 ) Tallin Old Town (Vannalin)
Activity Category - Attraction

The origins of Tallinn date back to the 13th century, when a castle was built there by the crusading knights of the Teutonic Order. It developed as a major centre of the Hanseatic League, and its wealth is demonstrated by the opulence of the public buildings (the churches in particular) and the domestic architecture of the merchants' houses, which have survived to a remarkable degree despite the ravages of fire and war in the intervening centuries.

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2 ) Toompea Castle
Activity Duration - Mon-Fri     Activity Category - Castle

Perched on a limestone cliff and towering over the rest of the city, Toompea Castle has always been the seat of power in Estonia. Ever since the German Knights of the Sword first built a stone fortress here in 1227-29, every foreign empire that ruled Estonia used the castle as its base. Today, appropriately, it's home to Estonia's Parliament.

The castle has been revamped countless times through the centuries, but still retains the basic shape it was given in the 13th and 14th centuries. From its front, visitors can see a pink, Baroque palace dating to the time of Catherine the Great. A look at its opposite side, visible from the base of the hill, gives a much more medieval perspective.From the Governor's Garden at the castle's southern edge, the 46-metre Pikk Hermann tower comes into view. The tower is a vital national symbol: tradition dictates that whichever nation flies its flag over Pikk Hermann also rules Estonia. Each day at sunrise the Estonian flag is raised above the tower to the tune of the national anthem.

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3 ) Tallinn Cruise Port
Activity Category - Port

Tallinn is a major port city on Baltic Sea. The distance to Helsinki (across Gulf of Finland) is approx 85 km (53 ml). The city is Estonia's capital and has population around 0,43 million (metro over 0,54 million). Tallinn is among the most popular ports of call on Baltic Sea cruise itineraries (to Scandinavia and Russia) in Northern Europe.

Port's cruising season runs late April-early May through late October-early September. The average number of cruise ship calls per year is around 300. Tallinn Passenger Port is among the busiest Baltic cruise destinations and serves over 0,5 million cruise tourists annually. Since 2011, The port is also a turnaround destination (homeport) for cruise vesssels leaving from Tallinn on roundtrip itineraries. The new service is via cooperation with the interantional airport Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (Estonia's largest). The airport is located approx 4 km / 2,5 ml from city downtown.

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4 ) Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
Activity Duration - Monday 9am–5pm Tuesday 9am–5pm Wednesday 9am–5pm Thursday 9am–5pm Friday 9am–5pm Saturday Closed Sunday Closed     Activity Category - Attraction

Completed in 1960, Tallinn's Song Festival Grounds were the first modern post-war construction to be built in the city. Unique in Europe, they were designed by Alar Kotli, Henno Sepmann and Uno Tölpus. Their design took into account the nature of the land they were to be built on: audiences would be seated on the slope of the hill, so the song arch would need to echo sound to them. A copy of the song stage was later erected in Vilnius.

The Song Festival Grounds are a popular venue for events. It is best known as the place where every 5 years the Song Festival is held, in which nearly 25,000 singers take part, attracting an audience of nearly 100,000. Anyone interested can climb to the top of the tower, which is 42 metres high and from which visitors can see all the way out over the city and bay. And if you have binoculars with you that are powerful enough, you should be able to see far out into the Gulf of Finland.

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5 ) Pirita
Activity Category - Beach

This beach, the biggest in Tallinn, is located in the suburb of Pirita but popular with beach-goers from all over the city. Visitors can get to it on buses from the city centre. The beach has changing cabins, lockers, playgrounds for children and areas for ball games. In summer there is a beach bar, a ten pin bowling club bar and kiosks. There is also a small market.

With its popular beach, adventure park and yacht harbour, Pirita is Tallinn's destination for summer fun and breathtakingly beautiful nature. The district is located only a few kilometres from the city centre and is easily accessible by public transport, bike or car.
In the early 20th century, this seaside area began to develop into a destination for Sunday rides and bathing, and the sandy beach is still a huge draw whenever the weather turns warm.

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6 ) Kadriorg Park
Activity Category - Attraction

Kadriorg Park is the most outstanding palatial and urban park in Estonia, covering around 70 hectares. Its construction began in 1718 on the orders of Russian tsar Peter I. Elements of park design from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries can be seen here. The most popular places for a stroll in the park are the flower beds surrounding the Swan Pond and the promenade leading from there to the president's palace.

There are a number of museums in the park, including KUMU (the Estonian Art Museum), Kadriorg Art Museum and the Mikkeli Museum, as well as monuments to such cultural figures as sculptor Amandus Adamson, author F. R. Kreutzwald and artist Jaan Koort.

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7 ) Kadriorg Palace
Activity Duration - Tues, Thurs-Sun 10am-5pm; Wed 10am-8pm (closed Tuesday from Oct to April)     Activity Category - Palace

Kadriorg Palace was founded by Russian Tsar Peter I in 1718. The palace was named Kadriorg (Katharinenthal in German) in honour of his wife Catherine I. The palace designed by Italian architect Nicola Michetti with its magnificent main hall is one of the most beautiful examples of Baroque architecture in Estonia and in Northern Europe as a whole. The lovely Roman Baroque palace is surrounded by a garden of fountains, hedges, and flowerbeds, modelled on Versailles.the Palace houses the Kadriorg Art Museum, which exhibits the Estonian Art Museum’s collection of foreign art – Western European and Russian art from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

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1 ) Ulenurme Airport

Festival Month - June

This music festival in Estonia has been celebrated for over 21 years. It is conducted every year for a period of around 4 days in the tiny island Muhu. Jazz musicians from all around the world gather here to put together a musical event which is loved by all the music fanatics. Muhu island in itself is a very beautiful and cozy island which comes to life during this event. The whole event takes place amidst nature and offers the best musical experience for all the visitors. One can even get to interact with the locals over here who very hospitable and friendly. Many food stalls are installed during this festival which serves delicious local street food.

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2 ) Haapsalu Tchaikovsky Festival

Festival Month - June

This festival is dedicated to a famous Russian music composer, Pyotr Tchaikovsky. He had once come to Estonia to spend a summer vacation along with his compatriots and stayed in a cozy resort town called Haapsalu. This place is about an hour’s drive away from the capital city, Tallinn. This music composer enjoyed his stay so much that he again revisited Estonia a year later and this time he stayed in Sillamae. Haapsalu is known worldwide to have hosted many great artists from Russia and it is now the place where the grand Haapsalu Tchaikovsky festival takes place. Famous Russian musicians will be featured during this festival along with many other performances and acts by talented artists.

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3 ) Into The Valley Festival

Festival Month - September

The boutique festival, Into the Valley, is a programme which involves high-quality music, gourmet and art. This festival is conducted in many places in the world and Estonia is one of them. People got to witness this music festival for the first time in the year 2015 in Sweden, and since then the fan following for this event has kept increasing. Into The Valley Festival is spread over a time period of three days and it features more than 60 musicians and DJs from all over the world.

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